Our clients often ask us a number of questions related to our products and services. Thus, for your convenience, we have answered some of those more popular questions here.

Q. Do you make keys that have computer chips in them?
A. Yes, we do make keys that contain computer chips and we will program them to your vehicle.

Q. Do fix or replace ignitions switches on vehicles?
A. Yes, we go to the vehicle and will repair or replace the ignition.

Q. Do you cut laser-cut keys?
A. Yes, we do laser-cut keys and high-security keys.

Q. Do you work on, sell and fix safes?
A. Yes, as a matter of fact, we do all three! No matter what the issue might be, we can service the safe for you.

Q. Do you install door closers and electronic locks?
A. Yes, we install both types of security systems.

Q. Can you set up an account for my business?
A. Yes, we can set up 30-day billing for a business or corporation.

Q. Do you do Marshall lock-outs?
A. Yes, if you're a property owner that is processing an eviction, we can assist by taking care of the lockout for you.

Q. Do you work with realtors?
A. Yes, we do and we can offer 30-day billing to realtors as well!