“I had to stay late at the office on a Wednesday and didn’t get out of there until almost 9 p.m. When I got out to my car I realized I had locked my keys in my car and had no one to call for help, or so I thought. I called a friend who was unable to come out to help me but gave me the number for Don’s Lock and Key. Not only where the people at Don’s friendly but they came out late at night to help me and got to me fast as well. The locksmith got me in my car and on my way home with no hassle! Thank you Don’s Lock and Key.”

“Thanks to Don’s Lock N Key, I was able to get back into my house when I realized my wife had taken both house keys with her when she left the state. When I called them they were very pleasant and sent someone out to my home within a short time. The gentlemen who showed up was also friendly and worked quickly to get me back into my home. Since my wife had left town I was also able to have a new key made as well.”

Don’s Lock and Key has a long standing partnership with AAA. More often than not when AAA clients have a problem with keys and locks they’ll send the fine people at Don’s out to take care of the job. AAA has named Don’s Lock and Key one of their most trusted partners, something that the company continues to be proud of.”

“I lost the keys to my car and called Don's Lock and Key and the office personnel was extremely helpful and professional, the locksmith came out right away. The locksmith knew what he was doing and had my keys made and programmed quickly ... got me back on the road in no time. I will definitely use them again for all my lock or key needs.”

“I stepped out to take my trash out and the wind blew my door closed and I was locked out. Here I was locked outside in my pajamas. I called AAA and they transferred me to Don’s Locksmith where I spoke to a really nice lady who sent out a gentleman who picked my lock in a blink of an eye. Thank you Don’s for getting me in so fast and easy.”

“Outstanding! I called over ten locksmiths and no one was able to make a copy of a broken ignition key using the broken key. This place said they could, I showed up gave the guy the key (in two pieces) and he had a copy done in two minutes. He handed me the key and when I asked how much he said "Don’t worry about it.” Wow. This tells me that this place is here to provide a service and is not just out to get people’s money. All the other places I called said they had to drive out to me and make the copy with the ignition, this would have been a lot of money. I am definitely going back for any future needs.”

Don's Lock & Key has been in Riverside for several years and whenever I need anything locksmith related I will always choose Don's. They have an extremely helpful office staff with the most experienced locksmiths that can take care of anything.”

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